Norbert Niederkofler: Who I Am

Nature and all of its wonders has always been a constant of my life.

Born in the Dolomites, in Alto Adige, I could not help wondering what other horizons there were beyond those high peaks. Ever since I was a child, I have always had a rebellious curiosity, the same that made me want to explore, see and understand the how and the why of things.

Norbert Niederkofler: Who I Am

From London to Zurich, from Milan to Munich, to New York. After touring the world I returned to South Tyrol where I worked first in Ciastel Colz and then landed at St. Hubertus in San Cassiano in Badia.

Being away from home for so long has led me to rediscover my roots, my land and how to give value to the raw material. When Thomas, my first child, was born, I started to look at the world with different eyes. Sustainability would become the principle with which to change my way of cooking.

A meeting with this kitchen is not a meal, but an unforgettable human experience

(cit. Michelin 2017)

St. Hubertus michelin

When I became executive chef at St. Hubertus over twenty years ago, the restaurant was known for having an international clientele seeking the best of haute cuisine. It seemed so absurd for people to come to South Tyrol to taste something they could have found at home too.

After questioning myself, I started asking my own clients to understand what to offer them that would be better and unique.

The answer was my land and my kitchen.

St. Hubertus michelin

A cuisine based on a profound principle of respect for the rhythms of nature and the balance of the environment and those who live in it. In every dish, I try to represent my mountains, the hard work of farmers and breeders, the quality of their products, traditions handed down, care, consistency and lightness.

«A meeting with this kitchen is not a meal, but an unforgettable human experience» are the words with which in 2017 I was awarded the third Michelin star.


Over the last few years my cuisine has become increasingly characterised by attention to territoriality and seasonality. Hence the decision to open with Mo-Food a new restaurant, AlpiNN, a name that perfectly expresses what I am and what I want to represent.

The Food Space & Restaurant is housed in LUMEM, the new Museum of Mountain Photography on the peak of Plan de Corones, together with an event and congress hall. A breath-taking view high up in the mountains that offers plenty of room for an incredibly welcoming environment that speaks of traditions, of land but also of novelty.


An innovative and unique concept based on the three pillars standing, dining & lounging that I wanted to be furnished by a real South Tyrolean, the internationally renowned designer Martino Gamper, who I was keen to have on board.

Thanks to AlpiNN, Cook the Mountain has finally found a home, in a space that stands for territory and sustainability, from the furniture to a menu accessible to everyone.

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